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A Personal Note from Laura B. Temin

The truth is that every helping professional wants to be helpful. But if a person does not have proper training, they can cause harm. I know that because as a graduate student I received services from a licensed therapist who claimed she had 25 years of experience as a hypnotherapist. Unfortunately she was poorly trained.  When she put me in a trance she took me back to an earlier time, but never asked the crucial questions and when she triggered the traumatic memories, she did not realize what happened and blamed me when I cried and refused to continue with the session. I know that her intentions were good, but she did not know what she needed to know to protect me, to uplift me and to create a successful outcome. It was at that moment that I realized that no one should ever have to go through that kind of experience.  As a result, the Professional Hypnosis Institute was born.

Hypnosis Really Did Change My Life.

Imagine pulling into the garage at the end of the day, fiddling with the radio, paying little attention anything else, and suddenly someone walks up to your window, smashes the glass with a gun and points that gun in your face.

Imagine entering the lobby of your apartment building with your key when someone slips in the door behind you and follows you up the stairs, grabs you from behind and tells you that you better not scream.

After  traumatic events such as those, the mind remains hyper vigilant and it is hard to relax and  feel safe.  And you spend your time looking over your shoulder waiting for something bad to happen.

I personally know the value of hypnotherapy. And over 20 years ago, it was hypnosis that helped me succeed with ending a 16 year smoking habit, when nothing else worked. And it was hypnotherapy that helped me feel safe again after gunpoint robberies that had me looking over my shoulder every day.

As a client of hypnosis I can attest that there are excellent clinicians and clinicians who are ineffective. Unfortunately there are also those who are poorly trained and cause harm.

How It All Began

In the 1980’s I attended my first Hypnosis training. I learned how to put a person in trance, deepen them and take them out of trance. I walked away with a Hypnosis Certification along with a smoking script and a weight loss script to read to my clients. I was told that was all I needed to begin seeing clients. I truly believed I understood how to do hypnosis and began working with family members and friends.

While I had some successes I had too many failures. Despite how much I practiced or how much I read, I was not very effective. I realized that I needed more training. I was fascinated by hypnosis and attended practically every hypnosis training I could find. Every hypnosis school, conference and training I attended focused their attention on Ericksonian metaphors and a variety of techniques…but they were not teaching “the WHY”

I was trained by the lay-hypnosis organizations (training provided by non licensed clinicians) as well as the professional organizations (those who train only licensed professionals.)  Yet even the most highly acclaimed organizations seemed to bypass the WHY.

I finally realized that even if I could learn all the techniques in the world, it wouldn’t make any difference if I didn’t understand when to use them, with whom to use them, why not to use them and how to tell the difference. Without that, I could never truly be effective. And I am so grateful that I found the answers.

When a client seeks out hypnosis or hypnotherapy they have already tried everything else they could find. They come in the door with a sense of desperation. And for many people, just asking for help is a big step. It requires a lot of trust simply to make a call and walk in the door.

That is why it is important to truly understand not only the techniques but the What, When, Who and Why behind what you do. And that is exactly why Professional Hypnosis Institute was created. To insure that every person who seeks help gets the best help available.

Professional Hypnosis Institute teaches more than techniques, we teach the WHY, WHAT, WHO, WHEN and WHERE.

Come train with us and you will be heads and shoulders above the crowd.  We teach what you need to know not only for your success, but to provide the kind of help that people really need, and build a reputation that makes you proud.

Begin your future today. Contact us and we will train you for success.

What you need to know about the training offered through Professional Hypnosis Institute

There are so many different types of Hypnosis Training. What kind of training does Professional Hypnosis Institute offer?

At Professional Hypnosis Institute, we adhere to an Integrative approach in our Hypnotherapy training, supporting enhanced health and emotional well being. We see brain function as an integral part of the whole system. Our Hypnotherapy Certification Training takes into account:

  • Individual Learning and Processing Styles
  • Subconscious Functions
  • Brain Function
  • Psychological Constructs
  • Neuroscience
  • Health and Wellness
  • Current brain and body research.

You will learn to understand the “WHY” behind the actions you take and the words you say and the strategy you use. You will also learn “HOW” and “WHEN” and “IF”.

We will not give you canned scripts to follow but instead we will teach you how to think about the individuals in your care.

We offer training on the relationship of brain function on presenting issues, and the relationship between health and how it effects suggestibility.

Our unique approach teaches you how to think about the person as a whole, not just the problem or symptom that they are presenting so that you can develop the right strategy for them. You will understand the way trauma effects suggestibility and hypnotic responsiveness and how to recognize trauma even in in those who may not disclose it.

Our hypnotherapy training truly is an integrative model. We know that the subconscious mind is the storage house of how we think and feel. It is the connecting force between the brain, the cells in our body and all of our experiences. We want to make sure that our graduates are fully equipped to succeed and confident in their abilities as they move forward as a Professional Hypnotherapist.

Who can attend?
Our training is open to emotionally stable individuals who seek to uphold the highest standards of care and respect for those whose lives they touch and the profession itself.

  1. Licensed Mental Health Professionals
  2. Licensed Healthcare professionals- ER Physicians, Psychiatrists, Cardiologists, Internists, Gastroenterologists, Nurses
  3. Allied Health Professionals including CNA’s, Massage therapists, Aestheticians, EMS
  4. Those interested in a first, second or final career in the helping profession
  5. Military Personnel and Veterans
  6. Teachers and Educators
  7. Self-Development Enthusiasts
  8. Retired individuals
  9. Recent Graduates
  10. Caregivers
  11. People passionate about improving their lives and the lives of others

To be successful and effective you will want to complete 400 hours. To be your very best you need to keep current on the latest research and we offer supplemental training and CEU continuing education.

How are your programs delivered?
Our programs are delivered in the same combination of ways that people learn best. Through repetition of seeing, and hearing and doing.

Our foundational information is presented on video which includes educational concepts, explanations, demonstrations, case studies and written information. Our program includes self-tests, module tests, written exams and evidence of proficiency which you can accomplish in person or by video. For those who are able to come to our facility, you can enjoy the monthly hands on practice and the face to face experience of working with colleagues who share your passion. For those who are not able to visit, we require that you practice with colleagues at home and you are required to send us video tapes of your work so that we can be sure to help you be your best. Additionally we also have weekly conference calls where we review cases and questions.

How long does it take to complete your training?
Our full training is 400 hours, plus any extras that you might want to add. Your individual circumstances and goals determine how long it takes you to complete each 100 hour module. You have 18 months to complete each segment but most people complete it in less time. In truth is that it takes time to fully integrate the concepts so you will not want to rush through it. Many people complete the 100 hour module within 4-8 months and typically people complete all 4 modules within two years. Each module builds on the one before it and you will improve steadily over time with practice and awareness.

When will I be able to work with clients?
After the first 100 hours you will have a deeper understanding and a solid foundation than many students of hypnosis/hypnotherapy traditionally receive. You will be capable and comfortable working with certain types of goals or conditions, but you will want to learn more in order to work with more complicated conditions and difficult problems.

Can I reach a live person for support?
Of course! We have regularly scheduled conference calls each week and we have monthly hands on practice sessions. We are also available by email and phone.

Do you offer supervision?
For those who are interested, additional supervision and mentorship is offered. Laura Temin is an Approved Consultant for ASCH. Certification through ASCH requires supervision which can be added into your program.

Do you offer Specialty Certification?
We have an assortment of supplemental training. Comprehensive Specialty options are available once you complete your full certification and other specialty topics are available throughout the year.

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