Clinical Hypnosis

Clinical Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy refers to the branch of hypnosis that addresses concerns that are more complex. It may deal with learned emotional behaviors, past traumatic experiences, relationship issues or they be related to individual’s brain function. At Professional Hypnosis Institute you will learn to consider the area of concern in relationship to the entire system.

For example, someone may ask for help with anger and over reacting. Or their relationship may be in trouble. They may say that they get upset quickly and say or do things that they wish they had not done. Maybe when they are upset they also drink too much.

It is important to consider the source of the impulsiveness. Impulsiveness can be attributed to brain function, such as ADD, but it can also be learned behavior.

At Professional Hypnosis Institute, you will learn to understand the relationship between the brain function and the behavior so you know what to address with hypnosis and If your client has a diagnosis of ADD, you will want to address their behavior but you will be more effective if you also offer suggestions that help them improve their brain function such as increasing blood flow to the brain through exercise.


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