Course 101
Professional Hypnotist Certification

This is the first 100 hour training towards certification. Upon completion of this course you will earn the title Professional Hypnotist. During this course you will learn about the subconscious mind and how hypnosis is created. You will learn how to think about people from a subconscious processing perspective and  how to work with different types of people. You will learn induction techniques, how the mind works and how to structure of the hypnosis session. For more specifics, you can read an outline of the  course content below.

Course 101

  • Introduction to Hypnotherapy, Overview and history
  • Approaches to Hypnotherapy
  • How the mind works
  • Working definition of Hypnosis- the state, the trait, how it forms.
  • Hypnotizability
  • Differences in learning
  • Hypnotic personalities
  • Suggestibility and Hypnosis
  • Laws of Hypnosis
  • Trance states
  • Depth of trance and personality
  • Somnambulism
  • Hypnotic Communication
  •  Exploring Resistance
  • Trauma and Fear of Loss of Control
  • Health, Anxiety and Hypnosis
  • Blood sugar and Hypnosis
  • Basic Inductions
  • Induction Variations
  • Choosing the best Induction based on type
  • Deepening Techniques
  • Self Hypnosis
  • Helping Clients Strengthen their Mind

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Advanced Computing
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  • 90 Days
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